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A Premium Retreat in Arillas


The resort itself provides calmness and is considered nowadays, as a ‘virgin’ touristic place, where all the business are family owned and operated by ourselves. The name “Èmar” comes from the ancient greek motto “nòstimon èmar – νόστιμον ήμαρ”, which literally means the day of return (to your roots) and sums up the brand’s core values: the sustainability and business responsibility to the mother nature, the human driven approach to our people – customers, employees and suppliers.

Our vision is to help the people formulate the holidays of their dreams and create unique experiences, embracing the slow living, balancing the luxury of calmness and blissful, that the green island allows, via the tropical scenery and sea, and the premium in-person services, our complex provides.

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Malibu invites the customers to lay back and indulge the senses in a tropical environment. Lemon and lime trees, orange, grapefruit,kumquat, strawberry, passion fruit and coconut trees are only few to mention.

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Malibu Bar
ESTD 1988

Bouyata proposes comfort Mediterranean cuisine with fresh local ingredients, aiming to provide you an authentic greek experience. The food menu has a wide variety including vegetarian, gluten free choices, all day snacks, desserts and bites.

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Bouyata Restaurant
ESTD 2016


The family owned brand new complex is located in the heart of Arillas – Corfu, just 40 meters away from the beach and it constitutes a part of the forthcoming hotel. The resort is situated in the north west part of Corfu, 35 klm away from the Corfu International Airport.